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The perfect petite dress fitting for your petite figure!

Petite Dress sizing information

What’s the occasion? Planning a Wedding? Are you a bride-to-be searching for stunning selections of petite wedding dresses or fabulous petite mother of the bride dresses?

Maybe you are going to the prom and searching for petite prom dresses, or you have a cruise planned, or any other special event that may require Petite Special Occasion dresses.

As that special occasion approaches, one of your biggest challenges will be finding that perfect petite dress. Sometimes the dresses we fall in love with at fashion shows or in fashion magazines, are not ideal for our body shape. The first thing to do is determine what body shape you are.

Many people assume a petite women is 5’4” and under with a small frame. This is not so. Yes, a petite woman usually ranges from 4’11” to 5’4” in height, but we have many different body shapes.

We are all unique and have our own style and shape, so pinpointing your exact shape is no easy task. Generally speaking, there are 5 different shapes: Rectangle, Diamond, Pear, Triangle, and Hourglass. Below is a brief description of each shape:

Body shape has shoulder and hips close to the same width, no waistline, and usually a small bust. Look for dresses that define your waist, creating an optical illusion or draping to bring the eye in from the shoulders and hips.

Body shape has a waist measurement equal to or more than hips and shoulders. Look for dresses that drape to the side.

Body shape has hips wider than bust and shoulders. Look for dresses that draw the eye up and out.

Body shape has shoulders wider than hips. It's a very athletic look, and one that most women covet, so be thankful! The look can be overdone though, so try to balance it out , by avoiding dresses that make your shoulders look broader.

Body shape usually has equal hips and shoulders, with a well-defined waist. This is the classic Marilyn Monroe shape. Be careful, it can be overdone. leaving you in a not so classy look. Avoid a too plunging neckline and overly defined waistline.

There are so many options available to the petite woman.I believe as long as you are comfortable in your style, you will radiate this to all around you. Enjoy and have the time of your life!