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Sizing up petite fashions

Getting the petite proportions right

You may think womens petite clothes means shorter lengths, but there is more to it. If you look at a patterned petite article of clothing and compare it to a regular, you will notice that the pattern is actually scaled down to proportion.

Something to consider when deciding whether to purchase a regular sized item and having it altered. Sometimes the finished result may fit fine, but it does not look the way it was intended to.

First, let’s compare petite tops and blazers to regular. Do you find that your regular tops and/or blazers are too wide in the shoulders? Are the sleeves too long? Is the waist too low?  Are petite fashions important to you?

A petite top is typically 1” smaller in the bust and waist and 1 ¼ shorter in the sleeve length. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can make the difference from looking frumpy to fabulous!

Next we’ll discuss pants. If your regular slacks are too long, or the rise is too long, it’s time to consider petite pants. Petites proportioned just for you not only in the length and rise, but also in the waist and hip circumference, thigh and knee, and leg opening. The average petite pants are about 1”smaller in all directions.

Finally we need to address…dresses. If you find loose proportions from top to bottom, or too much length in a regular size, explore the world of Petite dresses! Proportioned just for your petite figure in the shoulder, armhole, dart, waist, body width and length.

That’s quite a bit to consider! Whether you are looking for a petite casual or career dress, or petite formal wear for a night on the town, proportion is what it comes down to.