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Petite Maternity Clothes

Good news for pregnant petite mothers-to-be!

The Past:

I am a mother of 3 beautiful teenagers. Back in the 80’s, I had an awful time trying to find petite maternity clothing for my petite frame. There was nothing available online and very few choices at maternity shops/ boutiques. During my first and second trimester, I wore maternity clothes that obviously did not fit my body and had to alter most of my maternity work wardrobe so I didn’t look “frumpy”. I wore a lot of stirrup-style pants (yes... that was the style back then!) I purchased at petite clothing stores, but the selection of petite maternity tops, dresses and suits were very limited.

The Present:

I pass maternity shops at the mall and look at the maternity shops online and see how things have changed… for the better. Many “hip” designs catered for the petite!

My daughter and I visit the junior’s department at our local mall almost weekly and the tops they are showing would have been perfect when I was pregnant (kimono, hippie style tops). This is good news for the petite “hip” moms-to-be. Ideal for the 1st and 2nd trimester! Junior sizes run similar to woman’s petites as far as tops go vs. Misses.

The jeans now available for pregnant petites are so stylish. Available in a no panel, semi panel…..and of course the extended panel I know all too well (probably the most comfortable, but not always necessary the first 6 months.).

I only ask you make the transition from your existing wardrobe to a petite maternity wardrobe an enjoyable one. You are petite, pregnant and beautiful! Let it show in your wardrobe and you will feel more beautiful than you ever have pre-pregnancy.