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Are you a petite woman wearing other than womens' petite clothing?

Advantages of petite clothing

What classifies a woman as petite? Petite refers to women 5’3” and under, regardless of weight. Her size can range from 0P-26WP. Take a good look around you the next time you are at the office, grocery shopping, at a Department store, or any public place for that matter…there are a lot of women who fit this description, probably over 50% of American women!

Why, then, have many clothing suppliers not taken this into account? Why have many neglected to include Womens Petite Clothing in their designs?

Look at popular Fashion magazines. The models are 5’8” and taller and many designers cater to the “Supermodel” runway looks. Sure you can purchase their designs and spend lots of money having clothes altered. But why? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to purchase these same fabulous designs proportioned to fit the petite frame?

The good news is, the need for change has been realized and more and more suppliers are including petite women Clothes in their lines. You can now find online petite clothing catalogs and sites to include petite womens wholesale apparel.

These sites are no longer limited to the tailored Petite Clothing line, but also offer trendy designs catered to the petite and petite plus women. You can find petite women clothes ranging from bathing suits to formalwear, in a range of styles and selections to satisfy all your petite clothing needs.

Set aside your past frustrations of shopping for classy, trendy, contemporary women petite clothing and explore the new changes in shopping online for clothes that are designed with the petite in mind.