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Get a leg up on petite pants

Petite Pants are available online

Let’s admit it, as beautiful and detailed as some petite pants can be, our most favorite pants to wear are usually petite capris, sweats or jeans. Who does not appreciate the comfort of a pair of worn-in jeans?

After a long day of work, the first think we do is slip out of a suit and pantyhose and throw on our favorite petite boot cut jeans. They may have started out dark -vintage in color but now look like they are sandblasted! But comfortable they are.

Unfortunately we can not live by petite jeans alone as our lifestyle doesn’t allow this. Guess (no pun intended!) this is why manufacturers have quite a selection of petite pants in many styles and colors to accommodate the petite figure.

On-line you can find:
Petite Capris
Petite Twill Pants
Petite sweat Pants
Petite low rise Pants
Petite Jeans
Petite Dress Pants

It is also important to know what would look best on your petite figure. Choosing the right styles, patterns and colors, can best emphasize the way you look in pants. Want to look slimmer? Try wearing petite wide-leg pants and stay away from high-waisted, straight leg pants.

Want your hips to look trimmer? Try pin-striped petite pants w/ cuffs and stay away from high-waisted pants with plaid or too much pattern. Want to look taller? Try petite straight-leg pants and stay way from cropped pants…but who wants to look taller anyway?! 5’3’ and under rule and don’t you forget it Ladies!