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What a challenge it was 10+ years ago to find petite maternity clothing. I searched the major department stores and upscale maternity boutiques. Yes, there was an array of maternity clothes available, but very few designed for petites.

During my first and second trimester I purchased trendy, sophisticated maternity clothes only to have them altered (pants especially). They were not available in petite sizes. Even with the alterations, my clothes still didn’t fit or look the way they were intended to. The stylish patterns and prints designed for the “average” expecting woman does not always look the same after the alterations.

I was accustomed to wearing clothes that hugged my body and wanted the same in my maternity clothes. I didn’t want my wardrobe to include baggy, frumpy clothes that I disappeared in. Since my petite maternity clothing store options were very limited, I had no choice.

Today, many manufacturers are recognizing that not all women are 5'7" and size 8-10. This is wonderful news if you are a pregnant woman 5’3” or under in search of maternity clothing, particularly online. As the manufacturers continue to add more and more clothing to their line, the better for the petite pregnant woman.