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Styling Petite Cashmere Sweaters

Your online guide for fancy petite cashmere sweaters.

Comfortable. Luxurious. Classy. Those are some of the words I think of when describing cashmere. The fit and style of a cashmere sweater is perfect for the petite woman. The great thing about cashmere is its versatility. It is great for the office during the day, and ideal with a pair of jeans for a dinner date.

Cashmere turtlenecks are an item that petite women should avoid. It is very hard for a shorter woman, who usually has a shorter neck, to pull of a turtleneck. It will only give the look of a shorter stature. Instead look for V-necks or scoop necks, which are an essential characteristic that is needed for a petite woman’s sweater wardrobe. By opening up the neck area, the illusion of height is created. It helps elongate the body, which in turn helps you look thinner and leaner.

Another thing for petite women to remember when looking for a cashmere sweater is the thickness and bulkiness of the material. A thinner cashmere material is much more flattering than a large bulky sweater. The large, thick sweater will add unwanted weight and give the appearance of a shorter frame. Pairing your cashmere sweater with a thing belt around your waist will accentuate the smallest part of you frame. But remember to keep the belt thin, as a bulky belt will have the same affect as a bulky sweater.

A great place to find fabulous petite cashmere sweaters is Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. They always have petite sizes and their clothes are so sophisticated and chic, you can’t go wrong.



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