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Best Online Petite Women's Clothing Catalogs

Is it frustrating trying to find petite women's clothing catalogs?

We receive catalogs by the dozens in the mail every month, yet how many actually cater to petite women clothing? Unfortunately, just a small fraction. I found this very frustrating as I would see an outfit or article of clothing that I adored only to find it was not available in petite sizes, only Misses.

I set the catalogs aside and searched online to find petite clothing. It was hit or miss. Many times I would find sites to an online petite clothing catalog only to be misled. Very few online catalogs featured petite clothing. In hopes you will read this article and not have to deal with the frustrations I encountered, I am providing a list of the best of online catalogs I discovered and provided a link. I will update this from time to time.

I have found that Soft Surroundings has a great selection of petite clothing in their Online Petite Clothing Catalog. It's definately worth mentioning and there is a link directly to their petite section in the column to the right near the top under the "Petite Clothing Ad" header.


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