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A Petite Woman Dress for Success Guide

The job interview has been scheduled. Your resume looks impeccable. But will you be dressed for success?

During an interview you will only have a short amount of time to convince the interviewer you are the right person for the job. Inappropriate or ill-fitting attire can cost you the job. If you are a petite woman still wearing misses-size clothes, you should consider petite sizes designed for you. Here a simple petite woman's guideline to dressing the part for a job interview:


PETITE SUIT: Dark colors such as black, navy or gray. Acetate/Polyester or Wool/Rayon/Spandex blend is your best bet as they will not wrinkle like some of your silks and linens. Try to avoid bright colored suits.

PETITE BLOUSE: Solid Colors such as blue, light pink, white, or cream. Small Geometric patterns are fine, as long as their not too bold to be distracting. A cotton collared shirt that buttons up or a knit short sleeve sweater with a modest neckline would be appropriate.

PETITE SHOES: Wear low- heeled pumps that are clean and polished.


A petite skirt or petite slacks with a coordinating petite jacket may be acceptable. Choose dark colors and nice fabric (as described in "Petite Suits").


Wearing a dress, petite or not, isn't a wise choice, unless it is a tailored sheath dress w/ a matching jacket. Again, choose a dark color and keep the accessories to a minimum. Though dressing the part will not guarantee you the job, inappropriate attire has caused people to lose a job offer.
Remember: first impressions are very important in today's world. You will have plenty of opportunities to flaunt your lighter, brighter petite wardrobe once you landed the job.