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Petite Dress Suits - An Essential For Your Wardrobe

Your online guide for sophiticated petite dress suits.

Petite dress suits are an essential piece of the professional women’s wardrobe. They are so versatile! A dress suit paired with a structured jacket works great for the office. But you can also take your dress suit from day to night. Switch out your jacket with an appliquéd sweater, colorful heels, and a great necklace and you can go from the office straight to dinner at a fantastic restaurant.

As petite women, we need to remember the standard fashion tips that will help us look leaner and taller.

1. Make sure that your dress hits at the knees or a little above. A skirt too long will chop up the body and make it look smaller. But remember that the skirt should be at an appropriate length for the work place.

2. Dark colors are always slimming, so pick a dress suit that is all one dark color or in the same color family. Contrary to popular belief, the suit doesn’t necessarily need to be black. Purple, gray or brown are great alternatives.

3. Shoes complete an outfit and make it look put together. Petites should pay special attention to their shoes. Obviously, a heel is flattering to the length of the body, but remember to pick a reasonable and comfortable heel. A wedge is a great alternative to the common heel. Also, peep-toe or pointed-toe shoes are gratifying to the leg by giving the illusion of length.

4. Finally, don’t be afraid to show some skin. Look for a suit dress that is a v-neck or scoop neck which will draw other peoples eyes upward toward the face. A bright colored necklace against your dark colored suit would also have the same affect.

The most important thing to remember when buying a dress suit is to make sure it is comfortable, can be worn all year round, and you must LOVE it! If it is something you love, it will last you for seasons to come.