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The "Long & Short" on Petites Skirts!

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There are so many different skirt styles and lengths. A skirt style could be short, A-line, flared, or swing. Skirt lengths could be mini, above the knee, knee, calf, ankle or long to the floor. But to the petite that is looking for petite skirts, what you see is not necessarily what you get.

Take for example a size 6 woman's above-the-knee skirt measuring 22" in length. To a petite, this skirt is knee length or lower. You should be looking for an above-the-knee skirt measuring at the minimum 20" in length.

This rule follows for all petite skirt styles. Why purchase a skirt only to pay extra to have it altered? Just because you're petite and you should not be sold "short".

Petite women's size 00 skirts? Yes indeed! Petite short skirts? Yes indeed! Why shop anywhere else for your online petite clothing needs?

Skirts for the Petite

We have a collection of online petite skirt sites designed with you in mind. Please be our guest and explore these sites and let us know what you think. Stand tall at 5"4" and under........you are nothing "short" of fabulous. Take it from me standing at 5'3".

Shop online for all of your Petite Skirts today and then enjoy your evening out on the town, a casual day trip, or just relax at home!