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Finding womens petite swimwear has never been so much fun!

Your online guide for knockout petite swimsuits.

Where I live, swimsuit season lasts almost year round. For those everywhere else, swimwear season will be upon you before you know it! If you’re like me, and have the need to plan ahead, keep these tips in mind when looking for this season’s (or this year’s) perfect suit to fit a petite figure:

1. Go for color!
This fashionista predicts spring and summer colors to include warm, soft colors. Think of the colors of roses: Reds, pinks, purples … as well as soft blues, greens and yellows. I tend to stay away from patterns as a rule, since they can be hard to pull off and usually don’t last more than a season. Solid-color swimwear has more likelihood of being a classic and is more versatile to accessorize!

2. Find the best suit for your level of activity.
If your plan of fun-in-the-sun is to lounge with drink in hand, then a bikini may be what you’re looking for. Look for swimwear with a feminine touch, such as bows or a small, floral accent. However, if you want the relaxation without the skin, find a one-piece with some flair. Ruffles or a more unique twist that includes sewn-on, romantic sequins will be hot items this swimwear season.

If you’re a serious swimmer looking for trend-tips, begin to think past the typical Speedo. Swimmers going for distance and speed need not leave style behind. Two-piece swimwear is available for the competitive swimmer. There are also a number of brands offering funky back-strap designs that serve to give a glimmer of glamour to the girl with a goal.

Maybe you plan to play along the seashore during the swimwear months. If so, you’ll want a suit that is fun yet functional. A tankini, a suit with a longer top and bikini-style bottom, may be a good bet for a busy day at the beach.

3. Fit your body type.
Most petites have short torsos. If you plan on a one piece or a tankini, you’ll want to look into swimwear that is made for women with short torsos. Other body-type suggestions include:

Petite curvy girl- If you desire to draw attention up top, you may look for swimwear that includes a halter. Halter-tops can be found in nearly all styles of swimwear. If the hope is to reduce the view of your waist-to-thigh area, you could invest in a sarong cover-up. Look for one that shares a characteristic of your swimwear, not matching exactly.

Petite slim-all-over- A bandeau top is flattering on a more boyish figure. It will play up your slim features. Look for a bottom with similar coverage to ensure a put-together look. If you prefer a one-piece, you could opt for a high-cut suit. One with vertical cutout embellishment in the waist area will elongate your torso.

The most important tip when looking for the perfect swimwear is to find what fits well and what feels good! Have fun shopping!