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Your Online Guide For Women's Petite Tops, Shirts and Tank Tops

Keeping Petite tops flattering and stylish has become a priority with many clothing retailers. This has not always been the case. Years ago, the only options available to the Petite shoppers were tailored, classic blouses.

Finding a trendy, contemporary petite blouse was a challenge. The times are a changin' and the clothes choices are more readily available for petite womens designer clothes, especially as far as tops are concerned.

Are you looking for a tailored shirt for your petite frame? Perhaps a casual short/long sleeve sweater you can wear with your existing wardrobe is on your mind. Or a knockout, dynamite shirt that pairs well with a floor length black skirt that can be worn to any formal function.

Well, now there are many different styles of tops that can enhance and flatter your figure no matter what your body type or what the occasion from casual to formal. Below we have listed some of those styles and how they can work with your body type to help you look your best.

Halter Top
halter top for petitesThis top leaves your shoulders uncovered and looks great on you if you have broad shoulders. If your body shape has wider shoulders than your hips (like an upside down triangle shape) this top helps make you look more balanced. DO NOT wear this top if your shoulders are smaller than your hips because this will emphasize that. Choose one in beautiful bright or floral colors and get out and enjoy the sunshine.


Raglan Top
Raglan top for petitesThis top is sometimes referred to as a jersey style top and looks good on you if you have narrow shoulders smaller than your hips (triangle shape) because it appears to your broaden your shoulders with the sleve color. DO NOT wear this top if you have broad shoulders bigger than your hips or it may make you look like a football player. Choose one in your favorite sports team colors cheer them on at the ball park.


Puff Sleeve Blouse
Puff sleeve blouse for petitesThis top looks great on you if you have smaller shoulders than your hips because the puffed material on the shoulder helps bring balance to your look. Be careful if you already have an hourglass shape where your shoulders and hips are about the same width when wearing this shirt.  If you decide to wear it, you need to equally add weight to your bottom half. You can pair it with cargo shorts or pants, or an A–Line  skirt.


U-Neck Tee
U-neck tee shirt for petitesThis top will be great on you whether your body shape is an inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, or hourglass.  The u-neck  shows off a pretty neck and collar bone or a beautiful necklace. These tops can be worn for casual to dressy occasions depending on the color, pattern, material or styling of the top. Be sure to add this style of top to your wardrobe for versatility and be confident it will work with your body type, no matter which you are.


Surplice Top
surplice top for petitesThis top draws the eyes inward to the pretty collarbone away from the shoulders and looks very nice on a hourglass shaped woman who’s shoulders are about the same width as her hips with a small waist in between.  This surplice top also looks lovely on the inverted triangle shaped woman who’s shoulders are wider than her hips. This is not a flattering top for the triangle shaped woman who’s shoulders are smaller than her hips.  This will only make your shoulders appear smaller.


Boatneck Top
Boatneck top for petitesThis top has a high neckline that reveals the collar bone and part of the shoulder.  Revealing that part of the body makes the shoulders appear wider and your waist smaller.  This top looks great on the rectangle shape body because where normally there isn’t a defined waist, it tricks the eye into seeing a smaller waist.  The Boatneck top also looks great on the triangle shaped woman making her shoulders appear wider and waist smaller. The woman with the inverted triangle shape should avoid this top.  Her shoulders are already wider than her hips and wearing this top could make her look like a football player.


Square Neck Top
Square neck top for petitesThe square neck top makes your shoulders look wider.  This is a great top for a triangle shaped woman or the hourglass shaped woman if it hugs her slim waist. Woman who are an inverted triangle shape who already have broader shoulders than her hips might not want to wear this type of top.