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Once you have put together the perfect outfit, don’t forget the significance of selecting your outerwear. It is just as important and is an extension of your outfit. Your coat or jacket is an accessory of sort. It is what one sees first, even before the outfit. It does not have to match in color perfectly but should definitely coordinate and be of like styles. Great styles for petite women are longer length coats and jackets in splashes of color. These styles help to accentuate your length (as a short coat will not). Keep the length of your outerwear below your waist, but above the knee. Pretty much in between those two, should be a safe length (If you go too short it will give a disproportionate look). If your coat has a belt be sure that it is monochromatic so that it doesn’t break up the coat and take away from your height.

Don’t rule out the option of alterations. If you find a fabulous coat or jacket in a long length but it fits great everywhere else, consider having it hemmed to your specifications. You may find that by doing this it will save you a lot of time searching. Where to look? Well, start by checking your favorite online retailers that you know already carry great styles for petite women. Chances are they will carry outerwear too. Another place to look is in stores that specialize only in outerwear. Many of these types of stores carry petite sizes, and will have more of a selection to choose from. Because petite sizes are usually not the first to go, search for sales. If you live in a climate where the seasons change often, you may find yourself in need of a variety of weights and styles of outerwear. This can get pricey, so try to stick with basic, classic styles that can easily transition in & out of seasons and last beyond just one season. As you shop, be thinking about versatility. Envision what you will be wearing it with.